Dr. Elijah Frazier

Founder & CEO
Prophet Consulting and Investments

Dr. Elijah Frazier is a renowned national speaker, serial entrepreneur, and Ph.D. holder in Christian Counseling. Born in 1987 at St. Luke's Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, his path to success was anything but straightforward. Marked by frequent relocations during his childhood, Dr. Frazier’s early experiences became a foundation for resilience, adaptability, and a profound understanding of human struggle and potential.

As an International Best-Selling Author of the acclaimed books "ONE8Y & The Passion Battle," Dr. Frazier's literary contributions delve into the complexities of self-worth and individual purpose. His journey in storytelling further led him to write, cast, and produce the inspiring short film "Made for More," which premiered in Regal Cinemas.

Today, Dr. Frazier serves as the CEO and Founder of Prophet Consulting and Investments, a firm that goes beyond traditional insurance and investment policies. Prophet's unique approach weaves clients' life goals and ambitions into customized plans, redefining the very concept of insurance as a tool for holistic growth and success.

Dr. Frazier is no stranger to the spotlight; his impactful work has caught the attention of NBA basketball teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers, and esteemed educational institutions such as Case Western Reserve University, where he has been a keynote speaker. His reach extends to mainstream media, being featured on platforms like Channel 19 News Cleveland WOIO, further amplifying his message of empowerment and transformation.

His influence is not confined to stages and screens; he is also a dedicated school tour speaker and program creator, consistently impacting the younger generation with his atmosphere-changing oratory skills.

Rooted in the belief that self-knowledge and core values are the keys to unlocking one’s full potential, Dr. Frazier often posits, "What we know will only take us so far; what we believe will take us the rest of the way." His life’s mission is to inspire others to discover their true purpose and live their best lives, regardless of their starting point or challenges they may face.

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